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Best South Indian Foods

Traditional Method

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Vegetable Meals

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Vuctus nec ullam corper

Mushroom Biryani

Mattis pulvi nar dapibus
Vuctus nec ullam corper

Vegetable Biryani

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Veg Starters

Mattis pulvi nar dapibus
Vuctus nec ullam corper


Paneer Tikka
Mushroom Tikka
Gobi Tikka
Veg Seekh Kabab
Chilli Gobi
Chilli Mushroom
Chilli Paneer
Gobi Manchurian
Mushroom Manchurian
Paneer Manchurian
Mushroom Pepper Fry
Paneer Pepper Fry
Paneer Pepper Fry
Palipalayam Paneer
Palipaliyam Mushroom
Palipaliyam Gobi
Sindhamani Paneer
Sindhamani Mushroom
Sindhamani Gobi

Soup Varieties

Tomato Soup
Veg Clear Soup
Mushroom Soup
Sweet Corn Soup
Hot & Sour Veg Soup


Veg Noodles
Mushroom Noodles
Paneer Noodles

Veg Gravy

Gobi Manchurian Gravy
Gobi Masala
Mushroom Masala
Mushroom Manchurian
Chenna Masala
Green Peas Masala
Dal Tadka
Kadai Panneer
Panneer Maharani
Paneer Butter Masala
Paneer Chittnadu
Mushroom Chittnadu
Gobi Chittnadu
Paneer Punjabi
Mushroom Punjabi
Gobi Punjabi
Dum Aloo Punjabi
Dhall Fry


Butter Naan
Paneer Stuffed Naan
Veg Stuffed Naan
Garlic Naan
Tandoori Roti
Butter Tandoori Roti
Maitha Roti
Onion Rotti
Paneer Stuffed Roti
Butter Kulcha


Tomato Rice
Curd Rice
Sambar Rice
Mushroom Biryani
Veg Fried Rice
Mushroom Fried Rice
Paneer Fried Rice
Schezwan Fried Rice
Ghee Rice
Jeera Rice
Veg Biryani
Veg Pulao
Mushroom Pulao
Paneer Pulao


Chilli Parotta
Kaima Parotta
Kothu Parotta
Mushroom Parotta
Lacha Parotta
Tandoori Parotta